Moving takes time, energy and money.

  • Do you need Help Moving but you don’t want to spend a small fortune to hire 5 guys and a truck?
  • Or, maybe you already rented a truck, packed up most of your items, but you just need some extra muscles.
  • Perhaps you live on the 3rd floor apartment and all your friends said “No Way!” when you asked them to help you move.

No matter what the scenario if you need a little more muscle to help you move – hire me!

If you need a hand moving furniture, boxes, upstairs, downstairs, in the truck, off the truck, etc., I can help. I don’t have a truck you are just renting my time and my muscles.

There is no set Pay Rate it all depends on the time involved. We can work out the details … something reasonable. If you need a reference or two, I have those as well.


About me: 40 something year old, yes I have a job, I do this for some extra dollars, it keeps me in shape, and I don’t mind helping out. Who knows maybe I even gain a friendship along the way. I have a flexible work schedule and I have time during the week as well, just let me know 1-2 days in advance so I can plan for it.

So, if you need some Extra Muscles just send an email or give me a call >>> Here