A few examples of Extra Muscle jobs I have done:

  • Cheryl in Guilford needed assistance getting an antique dresser from a van up to her 2nd floor apartment
  • Dave in Hamden needed help organizing and stacking boxes in a storage unit
  • Susan in New Haven needed a hand with moving her art supplies & boxes into her 3rd floor office
  • Donna in Guilford wanted to load up a truck with nice (and heavy!) kitchen cabinets for transport
  • Debra in Meriden just needed some muscle to move a few remaining household items from the old house into her home, including a king size bed set
  • Jeff in New Haven hired me to load up a U-Haul van with miscellaneous items from his garage and basement for transport.
  • Laura in New Haven just needed a hand with bringing a large, heavy glass boxed table upstairs to 3rd floor
  • My friend Mr. P. simply wanted help taking an AC out of the window – no charge for that one
  • Xira (Wendy) in New Haven needed a second set of hands with a quick easy move a few streets over
  • Hakan in North Haven hired me to help unload and organize hundreds (yes, hundreds) of boxes from a tractor trailer
  • Ed in Wallingford requested a second pair of hands to help demo a first floor apartment and staircase then toss everything in a dumpster
  • Jacq in New Haven contacted me to help load a 10′ U-Haul truck with furniture from her high rise apartment