Greetings …

I have been doing this Labor/Move Service for many years now.  Folks would always say, “I liked your ad (on craigslist) that’s why I contacted you.”  Later on they would say, “You know … you should make a website to market what you do.”

So I did.


The exact ad that I posted is the one you see on the Home page.  It works.  I think there is a real need for this type of ‘Extra Muscles’ service.  Small jobs (relatively) where people just need a hand with a labor task.  There is no need to hire an expensive moving crew―just hire me.  Simple.  I am affordable, reliable, efficient, on-time, and possess super-human strength!

Please note that you are just renting my time and muscles. I do not have a truck available for transport.


Move it, Lift it, Carry it, Load it, or Trash it …

Whatever your ‘it’ may be … I can help.



Though the job offers are mostly moving related, I have also assisted with the following types of labor intensive gigs:

  • Clean out / dump runs
  • Landscape post storm clean up
  • House flipping demolition / dumpster clean up
  • Landscape digging holes for tree plantings
  • Fence installation including digging out the holes
  • Consignment store furniture drop offs
  • Goodwill furniture drop offs
  • Self Storage organizing multiple units
  • Shovel and spread 3 tons of gravel dumped in a driveway
  • A home safe transport to basement (my back still hurts from that one)
  • Masonry stone wall labor
  • And, last but not least … assisted with waxing hull of a boat (more difficult than it sounds!)


What can I help you with?  Contact me.