Moving Kitchen Cabinets

Donna purchased a ton of very nice kitchen cabinets.  In her words >>>

“There are a LOT of cabinets.  I will need to rent a 16′ truck.  The cabinets are all down and sitting in a garage.”

No problem at all.

We needed two men for this job so my Spartan Warrior friend Dave was available.  We had to load up the cabinets, wrap and pad them in the Penske truck for safe transport.  Drive 30 minutes.  Then safely unload and stage all the pieces in the garage according to Donna’s plan.  Check … done.

Happy to help out.


Words of wisdom?

Donna was smart.  She had a well thought out game plan.  We arranged the cabinets in the garage so that the piece going in first was closest to the inside doorway.  Then the next piece, and so on.  Smart.  So always take the time to think and plan.  This will save you time and effort on the back end.  Otherwise you may be lifting heavy pieces and moving them around (i.e. staging) more than is necessary.  In other words, you don’t want to do ‘double work.’

And, if I had to give a customer rating for Donna (which I’m not) I would give her a solid 5 stars.  She was super nice to work with!